Leilani is a contortionist with 3 Guinness World Records and a Semi-Finalist on Britain’s Got Talent. She performed around the world for companies like Eurovision, The Box Soho, Cirque du Soleil, and Cirque Eloize. She retired in 2017 to focus on directing.

As a filmmaker, her debut film Eelan won the festival Diversity at Cannes 2015, LAIFFA 2015, and Sunset Film Festival (best make-up) 2015. It also screened around the world, at Barbican Center, London Independent Film Festival 2015, Berlinale Shorts (part of BETS 2016), and the Regent Street Cinema Grand Opening.

Leilani has directed one opera, Moondogs. She was an assistant director for Die Zauberfloete at Berlin Opera Academy, as well as a director student intern at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin for the world premiere of L’Invisible.

She currently directs and produces a variety of projects.

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Leilani has been choreographing, directing, and performing since the age of 6. She holds 3 Guinness World Records since 2013 for contortion feats, as well as being a 2012 Semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent. She has performed and choreographed her acts for many top venues around the world, such as Cirque Eloize, Cirque du Soleil, The Box Soho, Chamaleon Theater’s Dummy Lab, Eurovision 2011, and more.

Guinness World Records Triple Holder:

Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist:

Wet The Show (2016)
GOP tour around Germany, Choreographed my contortion and aerial hoop acts

Titiyo Warner Bros Music Video (2017)

Varg-Rotkapchen (2015)

Filament (2016)
Created and choreographed the original Character Leslie

Little Big World (2013)
creator of original role the Ballerina

Eurovision Turkey (2011)

ID (2010)
Created and choreographed the original role of the contortionist
Cirque Eloize

Rain (2008)
Europe and Asia Tour
Cirque Eloize






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Email: francoleilani@gmail.com
Phone: +49 151 57844 356