I’m  Leilani Franco.

Contortionist, Art x Tech explorer, food lover, human. website still under construction.



I love to entertain the world with  my theatrical bending. I have a few Guinness World Records, was a semifinalist on Britains Got Talent, and have worked with Eurovision, Cirque du Soleil, The Box Soho, Cirque Eloize, Staatsoper Hamburg, and many lovely companies and projects around the world. You can currently find me with Alber’s Ahoi, Schmidt Theater, and Staatsoper all from my one true love, the city of Hamburg.


I was born very flexible, and started with ballet and piano since age 3. I joined the Philippine Ballet Theatre at age 16, then started circus at the National Circus School  in Montreal at age 19. 

I love jumping into my motion capture suit and doing lots of art and tech experiments, combining live performance with virtual reality, 3d animation, installations, and more. As a filmmaker, my debut film ‘Eelan’ won Diversity at Cannes 2012. I was also assistant director for Berlin Opera Academy and Deutsche Oper Berlin. My graphic design was featured in the UN Children’s AR Library. As a conceptor,  I created the interactive playground for VRHam! 2019.


  I have a BA Honours from the University of Westminster in London. I also have a Masters of Science in Advanced Marketing Management and Creative Technology, and founded my motion capture company, Digital Circus in 2021.

Since I was born, I just love eating food! I love sharing the joy of life through eating and cooking meals with my loved ones. 


I am currently a Diakonie Homeless Shelter chef in Hamburg. I also founded a chili sauce company with my friends, a bio ethical local project which aims to show that All Chilis Are Beautiful. Check out Papapeno Pirate Chili now 🙂